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Beekeeping in London is now a well established hobby with hives in quiet corners, such as gardens, allotments, flat roofs and secure places within parks and cemeteries.   Local Beekeeping associations play an important part in the safe management of colonies, each containing up to 50,000 bees.

The important factors to consider are:

  • Join a local Beekeeping Association - gaining the backing of experienced beekeepers.
  • Membership includes registration with the BBKA giving 3rd party insurance.
  • Learn & study all aspects of the craft attend classes & read books.
  • Keep bees responsibly consider your neighbours and the public.
  • Bees are a serious commitment!

With a milder climate and good varied forage, the urban Beekeeper can expect to gather a better & larger honey crop than their countryside counterparts, offsetting setup costs within a year or two.

The North London Beekeepers stress that safe beekeeping is of real importance in a city.   Members of the Association are encouraged to ensure that they keep good tempered and docile bees, to avoid problems with neighbours and the public.

North London Beekeepers hold beginners’ courses that include a season of supervised practical application which gives the students the experience and confidence to start keeping bees of their own.

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