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BEEKEEPING TASKS Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Oxalic acid varroa treatment                                                                                                
Count mite drop                                                      
Assess equipment for season                                                                                                
Order equipment                                
Assess stores                                                                                                
Feed candy /fondant                                            
Feed syrup                                                                                                
Entrance inspection                                
General hive inspection                                                                                                
Brood frame renewal “Bailey”                                      
Brood frame renewal “Shook”                                                                                                
Swarm checking                                                          
Swarm control                                                                                                
Artificial swarm                                                        
Harvest honey                                                                                                
Unite colonies if needed                                            
Varroa treatment                                                                                                
Reduce entrance to reduce robbing                                              
Fit mouseguards                                                                                                
Clean, sterilize equipment                                                  
Check & repair equipment                                                                                                
Ask for beekeeping Xmas presents                                                          
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
General tasks
1.  Keep up-to-date on all beekeeping matters by reading the BBKA News, magazines, reports etc.
2. Subscribe to a magazine such as BeeCraft or Beekeepers’ Quarterly.
3.  Keep your bee suit in good order and clean regularly.
4.  Have extra equipment ready for swarms, brood frame renewal etc.
5.  Keep in touch with your Beekeeping association and attend their apiary meetings and other events.
6.  Hive/colony inspections will vary depending on the month:
a.  Checking stores early in the season and August/September when forage is light.
b.  Ensuring the queen is laying – always an important role.
c.  Checking for queen cells – especially in April, May & June.
d.  Health is always important during all main season months.
e.  Varroa checking (mite drop with the floor insert in) 7 days every 6 weeks or so.  Do not leave the insert in at other times.
f.  Temper will be noticed on all inspections and needs addressing if too bad
g.  Space for expansion and honey storage very necessary during the colony build-up and the nectar flows.
h.  Hive record sheets are needed especially if you have more than 2 or 3 colonies.